Monday, April 10, 2017


An excellent trip to the vet today.  The training I did w/ the muzzle paid off.  I put it on Indy just before we went in and she tolerated it for the entire visit.  Everyone was busy so I weighed Indy on the scale in the sitting room myself.  She obediently stepped up on it and did a sit.   While the office was busy we didn't have a long wait.  An assistant asked if I would hold Indy by the color while she gave her the Lymes and Rabies shots.  The vet walked in clad in plaid shirt and khakis.  (I automatically have more confidence in a vet dressed like this than in a white coat.)  He gave Indy a practiced once-over, asked if she'd had any issues, and said if she started limping badly again to just come in and get more anti-inflammatory medicine.  I picked up monthly tick and parasite control pills at the front desk.  Neither the vet nor any of the staff referred to me as Indy's "mom".  Perfect.

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