Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunset clouds

Still nice weather so more long walks w/ Indy.  I'm reading a book on a dog's ability to smell.  I watch w/ a new interest as her nose checks out all sorts of things.  Tall dead grasses along the path which probably tell her about the coyotes that passed that way.  She buries her nose into the snow - can she smell the voles which have paths just under the remaining remnants of snow?  I use my walking stick to point out a small hole dug into the hay field.  She obediently comes and sniffs at it but quickly loses interest.  I look into the hole and see it is full of water.  Guess it was last year's den for something.  She stops and lifts her head into the air.  She smells something far off down in the swamp.  However, we can't go that way yet and I turn back into the woods.  She follows me.  No matter how tempting the scent might be best to stay w/ the pack.

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