Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Story in the Snow

This is the weekend for the yearly Great Backyard Bird Count.  It started on Friday and goes through Monday.  Coincidentally we've been having above freezing temps so the snow has melted to bare ground/just a cover/small drifts of two feet.  Indy and I took off walking each day through fields, woods, and swamp.  After an hour I saw only three crows on Friday and one crow on Saturday.  However, was able to follow some tracks.  This picture is one of a chase.  I followed rabbit tracks across an open area down to the frozen surface of Gorgeous Gorge.  They were widely spaced so it looked like the rabbit was going full speed.  Tracking along beside were coyote paw prints.  As soon as the rabbit tracks reached the flat ice, they did a quick turn back up across the dam.  The coyote tracks went past them, looped around, and came back to follow the rabbit again.  Coyote couldn't make the turn as fast as the rabbit?  Followed the tracks into a nearby blackberry thicket where (a) I wasn't going to follow and (b) they were lost among the deer tracks that made a often used path along the edge of the vines.  I'm no tracking expert so the story might not have gone down the way I think.  Just another way I have fun in the winter.

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