Saturday, December 03, 2016

Moss seta

Had errands to do today.  Stopped off at the post office to mail some cards and pick up my mail.  Saw one of the ladies from the Coffee & Conversation group and said hi.  Went into the library to check if the new display was installed. It's a collection that belongs to a highschool classmate of mine.  Then went to pick up something Aunt June needed from the store.  The Christmas bell ringer out front was my vet and his wife (I gave double).  The checkout person was my sister-in-law's sister so we exchanged pleasantries before  I went off to the nursing home to do a quick check-in w/ June.  Decided since I was in town to pick up a few groceries.  Saw the tax assessor there so stopped to gossip for a moment w/ him.  Got a call this afternoon from my neighbor - one of my headlights is out.   I like the Big City's diversity, options, and abundance - however, it's very comforting to live among friends.

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