Sunday, December 04, 2016

Gorgeous Gorge

It snowed most of the day.  Indy and I took an early walk in the snow.  I've been watching the ice form on the pond.  There were holes in places when the ice first started.  I thought they might be places where animals had walked across.  Seemed strange though.  Didn't think the ice was thick enough yet to support much and the same holes persisted from day to day. More probably there are multiple spots underneath the pond where warmer water bubbles up.  This morning's phenomena looked interesting. Ice was all over the entire pond but snow only seemed to collect in the middle - leaving a wide margin around the entire outside.  Figured that was because the land around the pond was making the water warm enough that the snow flakes falling there melted rather than remain in their frozen form.   I suppose there is the possibility that the wild critters are sweeping off a large circle to skate on. (Wow, gotta stop watching all those animated Christmas TV specials w/ cutsy little animals.)

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