Monday, December 05, 2016

Cattails on the edge of a frozen pond

I'm back at the dairy for a couple of days while Mike's taking some vacation.   As usual I checked how many dump cows in the hospital group - only 3.  Also noticed the SCC (Somatic Cell count) has fallen to below 100.  Looks like Mauricio is fitting in well.  Eric came in and asked if the roads had been plowed yet. I told him  the town roads by the dairy hadn't yet been done.  He asked because the night crew hadn't realized how slippery things were.  Their truck slid on the little bridge spanning Deertail Creek and got stuck in a deep ditch on the other side. Since they were only 1/4 of a mile from the dairy by then they walked the rest of the way.  Eric brought out a tractor, pulled the truck out of the ditch, and cleaned off the bridge himself.  On behalf of the morning crew, I thanked him.

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