Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Milk truck

At the dairy, Domingo, who I had milked w/ a few years, decided to go back to Mexico.  About the same time, Mauricio, who had left the dairy awhile ago to return to Mexico, was coming back to the U.S.A. and looking for a job.   Almost perfect for the dairy except Domingo was leaving before Mauricio was going to start at the dairy.  So I was back there this morning filling in for a few days.   Eric told me Domingo was planning on just a visit to his home and might want to come back sometime next spring.  Eric reminded Domingo that, while they would like to have him back, they might not have a spot for him at that time.  "However," Eric said, "there is this wall that's going to be built between the U.S. and Mexico. Maybe you could get work there."  When I dropped Alejandrina off at her place this morning, Domingo was outside packing up his car so at least I got a chance to shake his hand and wish him a good trip.

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