Sunday, November 06, 2016

Islands in the fog

On the walk Indy saw a grey squirrel at the edge of the trees and gave chase.  The squirrel took off for the nearest tree, a small birch.  She no sooner got up a few feet but she jumped for the next tree - another small birch.  She barely caught the tip of a small limb.  The tree swung downward from the weight but the squirrel seemed to know what she was doing because she kept on climbing up that limb making another tremendous leap for the next nearest tree.  She had made the woods proper now and it was an easy jump from that tree to a slim but tall maple.  She climbed maybe 20 feet before feeling safe enough to come out on a branch and watch us as we moved off.  Flying squirrels are native to this part of the Northwoods but I haven't found any.  I've read they prefer a forest made up of a mix of deciduous and conifers.  While my woods have spruce and balsam, there aren't many and they tend to be small.   Until I do get to see the little flyers, I have the aerial antics of the other squirrels to keep me entertained.

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