Saturday, November 05, 2016

Going to seed

Did an overnighter w/ some friends. This afternoon before going our separate ways, we decided to check out the place where I pick up my stained glass supplies. Carmen also sells things she's made and things from other local artists.  As we entered, Carmen said we were lucky because today was her store's last day. She's decided since two major glass suppliers have stopped making glass that she won't sell supplies anymore. She will only be selling the pieces she makes on Etsy. I also learned from her that the largest glass supplier in the Big City is also no longer selling glass supplies. Kind of a bummer to end an otherwise fun weekend outing. However as things change for the worse they also can change for the better. Just how getting glass supplies in the future will work I don't know but no sense worrying about it.

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Anonymous said...

You can come here and we will make a trip to the glass factory in Kokomo. :-)