Thursday, October 27, 2016


I arrived just on time for the training session at the library. I'd had a dentist appointment just before hand and was not in the best of moods (dressing as a dental hygienist for Halloween would be truly scary). The training session had been quickly called. Reason turned out to be the Library System wanted to see how long books were in transit so in each box of books sent out to other libraries we had to include five tracking notices. We also had to collect tracking notices in boxes coming to us. Seemed pretty straight forward. The librarian then walked over to the shelves and said some volunteer (probably one of the new ones) had decided to put all of the hard covers for an author together and all of the paperbacks for the author behind them. I looked at the shelves. Sure enough. Looks very neat but makes it awful to find a book quickly. The volunteers today and tomorrow would be setting things straight again. The librarian reminded us that the biographies (non-fiction 920-921) are stored separately and to be careful to not mix together the books of authors w/ the same last name. I liked that she was going over the usual stuff - reminders are good and also somehow comforting. Means we are all doing our jobs. Well ... except for that volunteer who thinks it's better for the books to look organized rather than to actually be in order.

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