Sunday, August 21, 2016

Staghorn Sumac

I know someone who wants to paint rocks this winter so I planned on trekking over to the creek to get some water smoothed ones. Indy and I first walked through the gravel pit.  Forgot that the glaciers had picked up rocks, tumbled them, and obligingly dropped them here eons ago. Before we left the pit my jean pockets bulged w/ stones. We took the right-of-way shortcut through the swamp. Next to a spring there I found a quartz rock. Not sure quartz will make a good medium for painting since it's smooth and not porous but I'm a sucker for shiny rocks so carried it along. Had all of the extra weight I could carry this trip so will have to try looking for rocks in the creek another day. At home I unloaded my treasures and made a cairn at the edge of the deck. Truth be told, I'm a sucker for most rocks so I'm glad to have an excuse to go rock hunting again.

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