Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Partisan Primary today.  The district supreme court recently ruled that state laws here restricting where/when early voting could take place and requirements for allowable voter ID were created specifically w/ the idea to disenfranchise certain voters and were thus illegal.  (Not to mention the state could not show voter fraud had taken place requiring these more stringent laws.)    I walked into the town hall and the three poll workers greeted me by name.  I did still need to show ID.  I panicked a bit when the pocket I thought I had put my driver's license in came up empty.  If I lost it I wouldn't be able to get a replacement in time to vote. (Found the errant license in a back pocket.)  Barb, the chief election inspector, said that kind of issue would be fixed by the new voting rules coming after the district supreme court decison.  She would let me know when the new training would be since I'd be working the November election.  I think it's bizarre to be changing voting laws just before a major election.  I also find it hard to believe any political party would be so un-American as to enact laws making it harder for people to vote.   However, come to think of it, my state was the poster boy for gerrymandering after the last census.  Guess it's painfully obvious that some people we elect are more loyal to their political party than to the people they represent.

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Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why anyone would not have ID. I am required to show picture ID to see my doctor (who has know me for 30 years), to pick up my prescription at the drugstore, to give blood, to use my charge card for the first time at any store (when it has been renewed), and so on. I am sure the doctor's office wants to make sure I am not using someone else's insurance for the visit. Why not be certain that the person voting is not using someone else's name? Makes sense to me.