Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Purple coneflower

After a quick morning walk w/ Indy, I went to Coffee and Conversation at the library. Did some work in the garage this afternoon and then volunteered at the library tonight. When I got home from that the Fitbit said I still had +2000 steps to get to my daily goal. So Indy and I took an after dark walk. There wasn't much twilight. The sky was completely overcast. Indy likes these kind of walks though I'm not sure why. She puts her nose to the ground and runs everywhere. The countryside no longer is in color but has become varying shades of gray. Maybe she enjoys not relying on eyesight. I tried using my other senses too. My nose told me neighbor Schmitz had spread manure on the field across the road. My ears picked out the sound of frogs, insects, and one pesky mosquito. Then the whole western horizon lit up - storms on the way. My Fitbit shuddered on my arm indicating daily goal reached. Good time to head home.

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