Sunday, August 14, 2016

Arrowhead flowers

There are lots of quiz websites that pop up if you google "Who should I vote for?".    I played eight of them. Figured that way I wouldn't be depending on only one test that might have a bias. Didn't really need to do so many, the results from all of them were for the same candidate that I plan to vote for anyway. Well ... there was one that came up w/ a candidate no longer in play - that surprised me - but at least it was a person in the same political party. Decided to do the same thing w/ "Which Star Trek character are you?" since there are many of the same sort of quiz websites for that question also. Those results weren't as homogeneous - my results ran the gambit of Spock (science officer) to Scotty (the engineer). Maybe the differences between political vs. TV show website reliability is reality vs. fiction. Sometimes just gotta figure out which is which.

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