Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Cat Indicator

I told Phil and Brent that I needed someway of knowing if Orion was inside or outside. She likes to hunt under the deck, she can't hear me when I call, and sometimes I just forget I let her out. My concept was a block of wood w/ "IN" and "OUT" scratched in it. Two holes - one under the "IN" and one under the "OUT". A peg for the hole indicating the status of the whereabouts of the cat and some yarn to keep the peg from being lost. Their idea was this picture - silhouettes of cats to indicate "IN" and "OUT". The holes and peg became magnets. The yarn became an elegant leather strap wound at either end w/ silver wire. The base is oak and the cats are in walnut. Very cool. Indy wanted to know where her "indicator" was. I explained it took a long time to train her and she was too valuable to just let outside w/o monitoring so, for that reason, she didn't require an indicator. She was quite gratified w/ that answer (and the treat that accompanied it). I explained the indicator to Ori. She was summarily unimpressed. In her estimation, if I just stood ready to let her out and wait until she wanted to come back in, no indicator was necessary. She did think it was pretty though.


Anonymous said...

Nifty idea!

Anonymous said...

Nice, now just don't forget to change it when you let her in! Nice seeing you today and visiting with Phil and Brent. Nancy