Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wood Frog

My local glass supplier gave me the bad news. Spectrum Glass is going out of business. (How could this not be a huge news item? Well, maybe you have to be into glass.) Spectrum glass is my favorite kind of art glass to work w/. Their notice of closing said the "Great Recession" and EPA rulings on their gas emissions combined to make it uneconomic to continue. I can understand the EPA rules would require new scrubbers on their smokestacks but I don't get the downturn in the economy as a reason to quit for a company that was a major competitor in their field. Does it mean there aren't as many glass hobbyists? Is there some technological change taking place that makes using glass passé like buggy whips? It isn't like stockpiled glass goes bad. I'm sure there are other factors in their business model that I'm not considering. They will probably sell their glass recipes to other companies so w/ any luck their type of glass will still be available (but at a higher price). I guess my most immediate decision is whether to continue to wear my t-shirt w/ the Spectrum Glass logo on it or save it as a collectible.

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