Friday, April 22, 2016

Ring-necked pheasant

After all of my complaining about the DNR stocking non-native ring-necked pheasants, one showed up by my bedroom door last night. I was just getting into bed to watch a mystery program when I heard a noise. I turned off the TV and realized the sound was rain coming down hard. I looked outside and there he was hunkering down by one of my paths. When the rain stopped he made his way carefully over to a bird feeder by my deck. We had a mild winter and I suppose he might have made it through w/o a fox or coyote getting him. More likely he escaped from a local breeding farm. Of course, there is that possibility that the DNR let him go in my back yard to get back at me for complaining. Yes, I can be a little paranoid.

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Anonymous said...

Odd that they would stock non-native birds. The DNR is so picky about that. They issue a license to people to kill the non-native mute swans in our area because two can become hundreds in a few years and attack people. Like the pheasant, the swans are pretty but will become as prolific as the Canadian geese in a short time.