Saturday, April 23, 2016

Clouds at Sunrise

John Deere has been doing yearly maintenance on my garden tractor but this year tried Wally's downtown. Stopped by the store earlier in the month and got on a waiting list. Monday I was a little surprised that a guy came to my place to pick it up - John Deere had always done maintenance on-site. However he had called ahead and was personable so I handed him the manuals and keys. He loaded it onto a flatbed and said it should be back the next day. I replied, "No hurry." I wasn't too surprised when I didn't hear back on Tuesday or Wednesday but started thinking by Friday that I hadn't ever met the guy that picked up my tractor and had no receipt that he had taken it. Decided my concerns were from watching too many TV judge shows and maybe a little of that paranoia again. Concluded I would stop by the store on Monday and make sure everything was OK.  No problems - the tractor was dropped off this morning (at half the cost John Deere charges).

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