Saturday, April 09, 2016

6% Moon

I got caught up this afternoon in watching Friday the 13th films on TV.  I hadn't seen them before - thought I should - but they aren't that good and I'd nod off here and there.  Indy let me know just as the 3rd rendition of the series was beginning that it was time for an afternoon walk.  I decided to try to get out of the house before the first murder occurred.  However, once outside I realized that the overcast skies and rising wind required a bit more than a long-sleeved sweatshirt.  I dashed back inside for a down vest but not quick enough -  saw the shopkeeper's murder but got out before his wife's.  Indy and I enjoyed getting some exercise.  When I got back home decided I'd had enough of blood, sex, and screaming teenagers.  I switched to the original Superman TV series.  Much nicer watching violence in black and white.

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