Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bear cub paw print

My brother told me that the Methodist church he attends sings the old hymns. My friend Nancy and I tried First Methodist this morning. Afterward we shared notes. We both thought the sermon was OK. The first hymn neither of us were familiar w/ but since we had a hymnal in front of us, we could sing along. The rest of the songs we knew by heart. The people were a friendly bunch and the church included generations from young to old. We agreed that this was a church worth attending again. My brother had warned me about one Methodist custom I forgot about until the end of church when the pastor asked that we all hold hands. The lady across the aisle from me held out her hand and looked rather pointedly at mine. Nancy was suppressing a laugh as she held out a hand on my other side. I endured this "touching" moment later eliciting a promise from Nancy that in the future she would not be offended if I didn't hold her hand. That takes care of my right hand. Now just have to figure out the left.


Anonymous said...

We love the Methodist Church services and there is no hand holding. I think they got away from that with all the viruses going around. Of course, the Baptist Church still does the "grand melee" as Dad called it. I did not like that either.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I warned you.