Friday, January 29, 2016

Peacock "eye"

Filled in at the dairy this morning. Patricia who was my replacement must not have worked out because I was working w/ the new new-person Alejandrina. Alejandrina (who only speaks Spanish) and I didn't talk much but we worked well as a team. After milking Alejandrina did the utility room portion of cleanup which is what I used to do. Fortunately for the first couple of years I worked at the dairy I did the parlor portion of cleanup, so I grabbed a jet hose and started washing down the walls. Even remembered "winter rules" vs. "summer rules" when cleaning the parlor. If the temp is above zero, we spray toward the holding pen so the water flows into the main gutter that empties directly into the manure pit. When it gets really cold, water in the holding pen turns into ice and cows are notoriously bad skaters. Then we spray the water the opposite way so it flows into the smaller gutters located in the parlor. I even remembered to spray first around the big doors to the holding pen so I could close them and catch in the heat from the hot water running through the automatic milk line system. Alejandrina finished just before me. She popped her head in the parlor to wave adios. It was a good day at the dairy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful feather! Have been trying to remember if our peacock had a name. Seems like it would sit on the windowsill and watch us. Mom would just say - Oh, there's the peacock without calling him anything in particular.