Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yellow-billed Cuckoo eyes

A picture from my friend Kathy.

I'm on the poll workers list for the town this year so attended a training session put on by the county clerk.  It was entirely concerning the new state requirement of voter ID.  Every voter MUST present an ID to vote (unless the voter falls into certain categories and then they don't). Every ID MUST be current (unless it's been invalid for less than 60 days).  Every ID MUST have a picture (unless it's one of the three types that the state issues w/o a picture).  The clerk also went over provisional ballot rules.  We've always had provisional ballots - those issued to people who can't prove they live within our district.  Their ballot is sealed in a blue envelope w/ their name and they have until the Friday after voting to get their proof of residency to the clerk.  If they do, the envelope is opened, their vote counted, and totals changed.  The clerk couldn't remember when we've ever had anyone use them.   Now, people w/o proper ID would also be using provisional ballots.  She said she would be surprised if we all didn't have some and the poll workers would have to meet again on the Friday after an election to count provisional votes.  Wish our elected officials had some concept of what a mess (and additional cost) they are causing to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

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Anonymous said...

We have had voter ID required, for many years in Indiana. We even show a picture ID to rent a video or get a library card. I don't mind showing my ID but did get a little cranky when I had to show a picture ID to see my doctor of 30+ years.