Thursday, March 02, 2017

Very little is needed to make me happy

I won the February photo contest w/ this picture.  Our theme was "Happy".  I figured there would be pictures of dogs among the entries - and there were.  I thought dogs kinda personified "happy" w/ a twinkle in their eye and no concern if their teeth function as a dropping off spot for their tongue. (By the way, while a dog can pull off this look, on humans it just looks dopey.)  What surprised me was there were more pictures of cats than dogs.  In fact, every contestant included one picture of a cat.   While a cat has a contented purr to it's favor, that sound is difficult to capture in a photo plus a cat's unnerving stare comes through all too easily.  Maybe because cats are so independent we feel happy just in their companionship.  A glance at a dog instantly brings to mind "Do we need to go out for a walk?"


Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the photo contest!! It does not get any better than coffee and chocolate. Of course, the words "just Be Happy" are not so subliminal. :-)


Rick said...

Where did you find a Cabin Coffee? I only know of one, and it's in Clear Lake, IA. We tend to stop in every time we pass through that area. Cool place.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Coffee and chocolate make me happy.