Thursday, March 09, 2017

More wind

 Yesterday was another windy day with higher winds than the day before.  Shouldn't have put my lawn furniture back in place since the wind threw it off the deck and/or upended it again.  I thought this might mean a quiet night at the library.  People wouldn't want to face that wind unless necessary.
However it was an average night.  A woman was busy on one of the computers when I walked in.  A tutor and student were using one of the back tables to go over a lesson.  Two men came in to use the computers while they waited for their children to get out of an after-school program.  A lady walked in and automatically to another back table.  She's a regular and brings her own computer and earphones.  I wonder if she just comes for some peace and quiet away from home.  Others came in looking for a book, movie, or to pick up items they had ordered from other libraries.  In between times I checked the 'bid list' and pulled requested books.  The two hours went quickly.  I closed up and stepped back out into the gale. Happy to say it's quiet this morning.

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