Sunday, March 05, 2017

Gerisol Quartz

Temp's in the 30's and the ground is mostly snow free again.  Perfect time for a long walk through the swamps.  Part of that walk is on my neighbor's property.  I hadn't been on his property since October, I think, so I checked that it was OK to go out there again.  He'd been waging a vendetta against the coyotes this winter and I didn't want Indy to get into any trouble.  Got an OK and we set out in the late morning.  A pretty easy walk.  No mud since the ground is still frozen.  No overgrown vegetation.  I checked for skunk cabbage which is suppose to create a heat of it's own and come up even through the snow.  In my experience, cow slips and wild strawberries are up well before skunk cabbage finally breaks ground.  No bear yet.  While there were tracks of various animals in patches of remaining snow, I saw and heard almost nothing the entire walk. Indy and I have been going on short walks but we both settled in for naps when we got home from this long one and were both a little stiff when we woke up.

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