Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Indy and I were on the right-of-way walking along the old railroad R/W from my neighbors property to mine.  The whole swamp was frozen.  Well, cold enough to maintain a frozen cover to the water but warm enough to allow it to flow under the ice.  On my land the path gently rises and a tiny stream of water from a spring flows along it's side.  It too was entirely frozen w/ little ice waterfalls and steps.  However, I came to a spot where the ice stopped and there was open slowly flowing water.  Just as wooded overhead - sunlight wasn't warming the water.  Must be I was near the head of the spring.  The water was still "warm" from being underground and took a certain distance to cool down enough to turn to ice. Checked other nearby swampy areas - all still covered w/ ice.   Interesting proof  of the exact spot where the spring starts.

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Anonymous said...

Finding the head of the spring is really neat. Maybe you can mark it somehow?