Monday, March 13, 2017

Freeze, Thaw, Refreeze

6:30 the phone rang.  I rolled over and answered.  My new garbage pickup company wanted to know my exact address.  I forgave their early call.  I should have been up by now anyway (though it does still feel like 5:30).  I don't generate a lot of garbage.  When I first came here, once every 3 months I'd load up the car and unload it myself at the Waste Management dump site in the next town.  I decided to have a family reunion here a few years ago which probably meant a lot of refuse so I contacted WM and asked for pickup at my house.  I was going to stop it after 3 months but then got used to having weekly pickup.  This winter didn't go well though - WM missed some pickups because the truck crew didn't think my receptacles were close enough to the road (though I left them in the same spot I had since starting service).  Once emptied, the crew left the bins in the roadway.  I'd find them tipped over by the wind or in the ditch.  Then WM warned me that I'd better sign a year-long contract w/ them or my prices would go up (I didn't and they did).  WM literature is filled w/ admonishments to recycle - which is a law in my state - but they won't offer that service.  I contacted WM  to cancel service.  It took a bit to convince the customer contact people that I really did want to cancel and then I was transferred to a service rep who said if it was cost that I was concerned about they would reduce my rate.  I let them know it was too little too late.   My neighbors said they were happy w/ their garbage pickup company and that company picked up recycling. I contracted w/ them last week.  Maybe a 6:30 wake-up call is all part of my new service. (ha)

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