Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ruby in Zoisite

The pinkish portion of the mineral is ruby,  the green is zoisite, and the black hornblende.  This particular combination is sometimes called anyolite and was first found in 1954 in Tanzania.  While the ruby is chemically real ruby, it isn't gem quality. A stone like this made news in the UK 10 years ago.   In 2007 the Wreken Construction Company was bought.  By 2009 though the company was insolvent and their books audited. It was found the biggest asset used in financing the company since the 2007 sale was a 10,000 carat uncut ruby called The Gem of Tanzania.  Papers w/ the stone showed it had been valued at 17 million dollars by an Italian gem company. Closer checks though revealed that paperwork was forged and the raw ruby was an Anyolite (similar to this one but 4 lbs heavier) - value $160.  The Gem of Tanzania was offered for sale in the Rock 'n Gem - a quarterly magazine read by mineral collectors and psychic devotees.  Maybe because of it's unique provenance, it eventually sold for $8,000.

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