Thursday, February 02, 2017

Ocean Jasper

This is also known by the name orbicular jasper because of the "eyes".  These spots are spherulites created by a radial growth outward from a central point.  What we see as the rock is cut is a cross-section of a 3-D sphere/polygon.  Jasper has a hardness of 7.  Ocean Jasper only comes from Madagascar.  There were 4 original veins found on or near the beach (hence it's name).  This rock probably came from the first vein which was known for it's green-pink-white coloration.  It was mined from 1999 to 2006.  That vein of material was 90 feet by 25 feet.  The second vein was mined 2005-2006, was smaller in size, and had more red and yellow colored stone.  The third vein was mined in 2013 and the last vein was mined out in 2014.  There was no more ocean jasper to mine until a new vein was found 10 miles away.  That vein is still active.

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