Sunday, February 12, 2017

Moonlight on snow

I've been thinking about this month's photo project.  February is "happy".  Each person in the contest puts 5 pictures they have taken out on our designated blog site which embody the word of the month.  It's certainly not that I'm an unhappy person but it isn't something I have in mind when I take photos.  (Makes this kind of contest challenging though.)  I did take a picture of Indy out on one of our walks. Her tongue is hanging out on one side and she's looking up at me.  Tell me, what dog doesn't look happy?  Also have a pic of Orion.  She's laying on the back of a stuffed chair in the sun looking at me. That's as good as it gets for her so will label that picture "This IS my happy face."  Meanwhile I've been making notes of other ideas: coffee and chocolate candy, a Shakespeare sonnet, the bathtub filled w/ bubbles, jigsaw puzzle, etc.

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