Saturday, January 21, 2017


The car drove funny on the way to Russell & Donna's early this morning.  They had asked earlier if I would look in on their dog and stoke the furnace while they were gone for the weekend.  I figured they had probably left Friday night but I caught them just packing up this morning.  I got out and checked around the car.  One of the back tires was flat.  Russ had my tire pumped up in a moment and brought out a portable pump for me in case the tire went down again.  I've been fortunate to only have to replace a tire by myself a few times.  When it comes to car issues  I can live w/ playing the stereotypical damsel-in-distress (I know I'm too old to be called a "damsel" but crone-in-distress isn't going to get me much help).  These tires have been patched before so think I'll just order new tires come Monday.


Anonymous said...

As long as your getting new tires might ask them to throw in a new car with them uh.


Anonymous said...

I just got new tires this week also. Driving on bald tires in Winter isn't a good mix.
PS. I agree with Flip!