Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bald Eagle

Changed my calendars and made a new excel worksheet for 2017 (where I anally keep track of all sorts of things like the number of ticks I pick off me to what new flora or fauna I find that year on the land around here.)  I baked my first pizza of 2017 (Thank you again Dan & Connie) and toasted the New Year w/ a warm cup of glogg. I didn't have the 'Flower Drum Song' DVD on hand (it's coming through the library system) but I did have the series 'Terra Nova' on hand which seemed equally good New Year's entertainment and watched a couple of episodes.   Started a new project by spreading out a jigsaw puzzle I received for Christmas (Thank you again Steve & Rachel).  Didn't make any resolutions.  I might do that in February.  (Yeah, I know.  You're thinking Stop Procrastinating might be a good one.)

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