Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stained Glass panels over sink

Stopped over to see Aunt June on this holiday.  First I picked up donuts and a coffee for me and hot chocolate for June.  I thought it might be easier if June used a sippy cup like she uses at the nursing home so I picked up one of those too.  The aides were still getting June ready when I got there.  I used the time to fill her new sippy cup w/ her cocoa.  The nurse on-site asked if she could add some of June's medications to the cocoa I'd bought.  "Sure." I said.  As she fixed June's cocoa she asked if I knew the ward was under lock down.  Nope, I'd missed any notices as I came in. I asked, "Means we can't go off the ward?"  "That's correct but you can use our sensory room if you want." she said.  Sensory room?  Had no idea there was one.  Further down the hallway was a room set up w/ table, chairs, and ... stuff.  So June and I went there.  Turns out there are different kinds of sippy cups. (Who knew?)  I'd picked up a soft lipped instead of a hard lipped one like Aunt June is use to.  We went back to using a straw which worked just fine today.  After our coffee/cocoa and donuts we went back to her room and read her Christmas cards.  I dropped June off at her dining room and let the nurse know she drank all of her medicated cocoa and had eaten a whole donut (plus a portion of mine).  "She won't be very hungry for brunch."  the nurse smiled.  Not true.  Before I left June had downed a sippy cup of juice and was working on another one of milk.


Anonymous said...

Love the Christmasy stained glass!

Anonymous said...

Great job, a couple of them look 3D.