Monday, November 28, 2016

Foggy November day in the swamp

Stopped over to see Aunt June this morning.  She was up and sitting in the dining area.  I bent over to ask if she wanted to come w/ me.  She squeaked.  The nurse said June had been talking like that since she got up.  The nurse had taken her temp but everything seemed fine.  June's hair had recently been cut short and she looked like a little pixie.  The nurse also apologized that they hadn't found time to get her in to have her hair set since it was cut.  I didn't mention to the nurse that June's hair appointment had been cancelled in deference to my last visit.  Besides, I kinda liked this new look on her.  June, herself, was not in a good mood.   As w/ most of us though, a coffee and donut can work wonders.  By the time I left her, she had mellowed considerably and could even talk a bit in a normal tone.

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