Saturday, November 12, 2016

A swamp grass

The library's annual Book, Bake, and White Elephant sale.  You can pick up a shopping bag of old books for $2, freshly baked goodies for a buck, and donated items for a quarter.  I checked through the books first.  No really old ones like I collect and there were very few non-fiction but I did find a box w/ a lot of a paperbacks by one of my favorite authors.  Will make good reading by the fire this winter.  I'd meant to make bread this morning but forgot so picked up dinner buns made by one of the ladies that comes to Coffee and Conversation on Wednesdays.  Also bought a jigsaw puzzle that stated it had two pieces missing.  I know once I get snowed in, I'll be looking for a puzzle to do and this one was the style I prefer.  I think of it this way ... the missing two pieces just add another level of difficulty.

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