Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Autumn color in the swamp

Another beautiful day in the Northwoods.   Saw a pair of sandhill cranes fly overhead at dawn.  Wonder when they will fly south?  Can see tractors busy in the fields reaping all of those crops I watched grow this summer.   I got my little garden tractor out and mowed the lawn.  It isn't growing very fast now but I want to use up the remaining gas in the tractor before it sits all winter long.   I had to move the plants and solar lights at the front of the house before mowing.  They will be placed elsewhere now.  The snow plow guy will be coming through in another month and he needs a clear path.  It's been an active day and I'm looking forward to hopping into bed.  Good thing the Vice-President debate is coming on.  That'll have me asleep in no time.

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