Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Red topped grass

It's been a strange September. Little color and still no frost. I haven't even turned on the heat yet (well, I did do one night which I'm allowed under the rule that you can check that the heat works). It rained most of today and tomorrow doesn't look much better so the house is cooling down. I adjusted by throwing on my long silk underwear so remain toasty even when seated at the computer. Not sure I ever made it this far into the year w/o turning on the heat in the house, bringing in the patio flowers, and scraping ice off my windshield. I do really enjoy freezing weather - I'd just like it even more if it was only from November thru January.

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Anonymous said...

I read your comments to Olivia about not turning on your heat yet, nor scraping ice off the windshield, no frost, etc.
She about choked as she has been turning on her fan most of the month of September. Hahahahaha!