Thursday, August 25, 2016


This native flower has gotten a bad rep just like goldenrod.  People think the pollen is the cause of their allergies this time of year.  However it's not them.  Goldenrod and sneezeweed are brightly colored and happen to bloom at the same time as ragweed. Ragweed flowers are small and white - not as noticeable as these brilliant yellow and gold flowers - but it's ragweed's pollen that causes the itchy eyes, sneezing, and stuffed nose in some people.  Fortunately, I'm not affected.  There is a stand of it ragweed near the house and I've been sleeping w/ the windows open every night w/ no ill effects.   However when the fields are full of blooming goldenrod, sneezeweed, and asters it does mean that summer is coming to an end. Reminds me of the end of a fireworks display when the whole sky lights up w/ a final burst of color.

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