Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Looking for love on the web

For those times I was told a little girl can grow up to be anything she wants (as long as it was a teacher, a nurse, or a secretary). For when a company wouldn't give me a job because it involved working out of the office w/ men and their wives wouldn't understand (they offered me an office job instead). For all of those blasted times the picture of department heads were just men in dark suits staring back at me (I'd march into my manager's office and he'd tell me over and over that it takes time). For when the feds checked salaries after which I got a big bump in pay. It is so satisfying to finally have a woman running for president on the Republican or Democratic ticket. Maybe I'll go out to Amazon and see if I can buy a "woman's card" to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

So true.
You and I have had this conversation before. The things I was asked(by a male) at my first interview in my banking career - such as "will you have to miss work two days a month?". I had to smile and say, "no", (instead of what I really wanted to say) just to be considered for the job. I will never forget that.

I am not a Hilary fan...but kudo's to her.


Anonymous said...

It could be very interesting to 'interview' my aunts and understand how far we have come in career fields.