Monday, May 02, 2016

Red-winged Blackbird

MeTV is airing the last season of Bonanza.  The Cartwrights often seemed to deeply regret killing someone.  Still they seemed to frequently do it.  I checked on-line.  Sure enough, some guy had counted how many people the Cartwrights killed.  He had a criteria for determining if the person was killed or just wounded and also, when there were multiple shooters, who was the most likely one to have delivered the fatal shot.  According to his count, the Cartwright clan killed 166 men (and 3 women) w/ Little Joe shooting the most. My research uncovered another little factoid - every regular from the Star Trek series appeared in an episode of Bonanza.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! I used to beg to stay home from church on Sunday nights so I could watch Bonanza. I don't remember all of the killings and I was not a fan of Little Joe..... but did like Adam! Ha!