Monday, May 23, 2016

Full Moon

After church I decided to take the back roads home. It wasn't until I was most of the way through the hills and to the turnoff for the county road that a sign reminded me that the bridge is out two miles before my house. Another sign stated the road I was currently on was also closed for road construction in a few miles. Was pretty sure I knew the town roads to get around the bridge outage. After taking that route, I can kinda understand why no government agency wants to name it the official detour. There are right angle turns, no white line down the middle, and the roads have multiple patches. Certainly good enough for the minimal local traffic these roads normally see but not built for big rigs and people that are in a hurry. Since I was neither I tootled along admiring the newly planted fields, low swamps, and pastures. Maybe instead of calling it "Detour" officials wouldn't mind putting up arrows and signing it as "Enjoy the Drive."

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