Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Western Chorus frog

Visit the vet day. First Indy had to endure the ignominy of me following her around outside until I could procure a poop sample. She also put up w/ the vet tech giving her a Lymes vaccine shot. However, since she had nipped the old vet once, they took the precaution of putting a muzzle on her before the new vet came in. She was not pleased and growled the entire time he was there. She had lately been favoring her front shoulder so he checked her leg but said it was likely arthritis setting in (been there) or "weekend warrior syndrome" where she pulled a muscle (done that). He said if it started affecting our walks to come back and they would consider an anti-inflammatory. On the way out, I complimented the staff on no one referring to me as "Indy's mom". Gotta love a vet that doesn't call you a bitch.

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rachel said...

Isn't it really hard to get close enough to actually get a picture of the frog in the water? Or is that just spring peepers? They always stop singing when I approach within 10 feet.