Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blue-winged Teals

Gorgeous Gorge is a stopping off spot for migrating ducks. For weeks I've been quiet and tried to get pictures of the mallards that were on the pond but they always heard me and I only managed tail shots. Earlier this week I checked my pics and realized it was not mallards this time but wood ducks. Great! Maybe they would consider the nesting box on the edge of the gorge. Today, I found these teals. They didn't fly off even when Indy decided to take a dip on the opposite side of the water from them. Maybe teals aren't as skittish? Anyway, saw a bird hovering high above the meadow but not the same kind of hover that the harriers do. Turned out to be a kestrel. Since kestrels will use the same kind of nest boxes as the wood ducks - might still get an occupant this year.

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