Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Sunrise pillar

Aunt June was up and ready to go this morning when I arrived at the nursing home but resolutely not talking. Not a problem. I do enough talking for both of us. Took her to our usual spot for our usual goodies but she wasn't having any of it. It was a little noisy so I took her into one of the formal dining rooms that wasn't in use. Nope. Still didn't want to talk or eat. We went on a tour of the rest of the nursing home and I noticed that she began responding once in awhile. Stopped on the landing by the courtyard and asked if she'd like some coffee. Yes, she thought that would be OK. A lady saw us and came over to talk. She was auditing the nursing home and wanted to know if I was content w/ the care Aunt June was getting. I was. Since she was an auditor I thought I should apologize for the junk food I'd brought June (who was now happily stuffing her mouth full of donut while lustily sucking down her mocha). The lady laughed and said it was wonderful June was taking in calories no matter what the form. Good - too bad that's not true for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

If we live to almost 95, I hope someone as kind as you will bring us a coffee and a donut!