Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hair-cap Moss

When I worked for Honeywell, the people I sat w/ during lunch made it a goal to discuss something about politics, religion, and sex each time we ate. Here, Wednesday mornings are "Coffee and Conversation" meetings at the library where anyone can drop by, have a cup of coffee and chat. I hadn't been able to attend before since I worked at the dairy in the mornings and about the time I left there, the C&C meetings went into hiatus because of all the snowbirds flying south for the winter. Now the C&C meetings have started up again so I attended this morning's. While we didn't talk religion or sex, I did get them all going on politics. One man was adamant that he wouldn't vote for any of the candidates. A woman had listened recently to Gov. Kasich and thought he made sense. No one liked Trump (of course, all of these people have seen the inside of a library). The hour went fast. Next meeting it's sex and religion!

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how WI goes in the primary tomorrow.