Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I was standing looking out the window this morning as the birds came into the feeder.  That's when I saw a skunk using my tracks to negotiate the path.  Indy was adamant that the skunk should go somewhere else.  The skunk was struggling a bit to make it through the deep snow (well, deep for her), came right up to the house, and finally there was just a tail as she ducked under the deck.  Skunks don't hibernate but go into torpor so they wake up occasionally during the winter.  Having struggled through deep snow myself, I felt for the little critter.  When I consider hosting a skunk under my deck, however, Indy might have had the right idea.  This afternoon, Indy and I went out to backtrack the skunk and see where she came from.  Lost her trail in a marshy area not far from the house.  When we came back from our walk, I remembered a little red poll.  The shrike had come through scattering the flock of birds by the feeders.  One little red poll had panicked and slammed into my dining room window.  I had immediately looked out the window but the little bird was buried in the snow on the deck w/ only a wing sticking straight up - no movement at all.  Now that I was outside, I thought I should take the little carcass and toss it in the tall grass - or maybe in front of the deck.  Do skunks eat carrion?   No need to wonder.  Found the little bird had recovered and was sitting on one of the deck chairs.  She flew off when I got too close.  A happy ending all around for Mother Nature.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! I remember my dad shooting a skunk near the underside of our house when we lived in Plum City. The house smelled pretty strong for awhile.