Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sharp-shinned Hawk eyes

As I said, no snow yet when I got up this morning.  Made breakfast and took a walk w/ the dog. Went to have coffee w/ Aunt June and picked up groceries and my mail. Got home an hour before the snow started. Knew the wind would be picking up later so Indy and I took a walk in the snow soon after it started.   Then I settled on the couch and watched Inside Out, the movie I'd picked up from the library. When I designed the house, I'd situated the bathtub right below a window just for days like this. Took a hot bath while I looked out at the falling snow. Worked a crossword puzzle, the jigsaw puzzle, made a pizza, and a little TV tonight. Have already started the electric blanket and am looking forward to getting into a warm bed, turning off the lights, and listening to the banshee scream of the wind as it passes by the house. I'm enjoying this storm to the hilt.

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