Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sea Turtle eye

A picture from my friend Kathy.

It was just my usual Wednesday night group at the library until a family came in. Father and daughter went straight to the kid's books. A short time later they approached my desk. The girl, whose nose didn't quite make it up to the edge of my desk, pushed her books toward me. She had a solemn look on her face and was absolutely quiet. I asked for her library card. She looked expectantly up at her father. He handed me a card. The little girl piped up, "That's mommy's card." I assured her it would be OK. That must have been enough to put her at ease because then she started telling me about each book she was checking out - this one they had read before, this one had a puppy in it, this one looked funny. She also had a "princess" (I don't remember which one) movie to check out. I asked if she would watch it 15 times. "Oh, yes." came a quick answer from her father.

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