Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bird Feeder

I received some niger seed for Christmas. Niger seed is very small and just runs out of my usual bird feeders. A friend had given me her niger seed feeder when she moved so I got it out, attached the mesh socks, filled it up from the top w/ seed and hung it outside my window. (It looked a lot to me like an old cow's udder.) The birds took a little time to get the "hang" of it but finally the usual group of 10 or so birds that came to my sunflower seed feeders in the past has grown considerably. I've been trying to correlate bird activity w/ forecasting the weather but so far haven't noticed anything. If we have a real cold snap the birds come flocking into the feeders but by that time I already know it's cold. I've yet to be able to forecast any weather by watching the native flora or fauna. Think they are as clueless as the meteorologists.

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Kathy said...

I remember the Goldfinches loved this feeder when we had it at the cabin. I counted 40+ on it sometimes. Very cool.