Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peniophora Rufa on White Birch

The pastor has the idea that the congregation would feel more like singing praises to God after his sermon than before. I'm not going to correct his thinking. However, the music director picks only contemporary hymns. His selections today were mind-numbingly dull. My friend Nancy and I compared notes after church. She timed one song - it went on for 5 minutes. On the same song I counted how many times we sang a 4-word phrase - 18 times (and I started part way through the song so I don't know the total count). Time to check out other churches again.

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Rachel said...

Steve and I were looking at birch trees near Rhinelander trying to find the black fungus Gideon used.Saw something similar but not sure it could be sliced with a knife.